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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

As a Legend in the Funeral Service, the late Mr. Arthur Eugene Grier, Jr. was the backbone of the Charlotte and surrounding areas in the industry.

“I get enjoyment out of pleasing the families that I serve,” the late A.E. Grier, Jr. said. “When they are pleased, then I’m happy.” Gene Grier followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and grew up in the funeral business that was originally constructed in 1930 in the First Ward Community known as the "Brooklyn' area of Charlotte during that time. 

A.E. Grier & Sons Funeral and Cremation, LLC is family owned by THE original Grier family, is not affiliated with Grier Funeral Service, Incorporated, a corporation that was once operated by the family heirs.  A. E. Grier & Sons was later formed by Gene Grier, Jr. and his sons after transitioning away from the Grier Funeral Home Corporation.  The 77 year-old worked with his two sons, Arthur E. Grier, III "Artie" and Allen E. Grier.  Gene's eldest son;  Anthony Eugene, passed in 1998 and he too was an intricate part of their empire.

“I enjoy working with my sons.   They’ve been around the business since they were toddlers,” Gene Grier, Jr.  said. “I never got to work with my father, but I did get to work with my grandfather.”  Grier’s father, who was also in the funeral business, died when he was in high school, but his sons have had the opportunity to work alongside him.

Initially, Arthur E. Grier, Jr. wanted to become a football or basketball coach; after playing football and basketball at Second Ward High School.  He attended Florida A&M University for three years before entering the Army and then on to mortuary school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Grier’s grandfather, who initially owned a grocery store and a Texaco gas station across from his home in Charlotte, was also one of the city’s first successful minority businessmen and he helped develop the Grier Heights neighborhood, which was once called "Grier Town".  ” George Wallace, former executive director of the Grier Heights Economic Foundation, said; "Along with (Grier’s) father there were four or five people who initially started the neighborhood.”  Wallace and Grier grew up together and have been lifelong friends. “There is a lineage that exist when it comes to A.E. Grier, Jr. and the funeral business,” Wallace said. “It’s well thought of that a family business is still remaining after three generations.  A.E. Grier Jr. was a real talented restorative artist.” Now his son A.E. Grier, III is Chief Embalmer along side the best crew in the city.  

A.E. Grier, Jr.  remembers the first time he embalmed more than four decades ago, when a neighbor was struck and killed by a car. “It was during my apprenticeship, I told my instructor I was going to embalm” the remains solo Gene, Jr. said. “I made sure that gentleman was embalmed properly and from there on I obtained confidence in my work.”

Because of back surgeries and natural health issues, A.E. Grier, Jr. mostly assisted with family consultations occasionally in his later years.

A. E. Grier & Sons family has served the families of former Charlotte Mecklenburg County Manager the late Harry Jones, Sr., the late baseball legend Hank Aaron, biological father of former heavyweight boxing champ  Mike Tyson, the family of former NFL players Rhonde and Tiki Barber, also families of former NBA players and Charlotte natives Antawn Jamison and Haywood Workman and the family of Grammy award winner / singer / song writer / record producer Anthony Hamilton, also of Charlotte as well as other notable constituents in the community, new transplants in the city and our great local family friends.  We strive to serve each and every family the same as we would our own.  

A. Eugene Grier, Jr, before he transitioned handed the family legacy's torch onto his two sons, said he met all kinds of interesting people in this industry. “There’s a certain person for everything,” Grier said about choosing his career. “I had to learn how to deal with people and bereavement... but when families get that personal feel and satisfaction, then they know I care."

 - Charlotte Post Article (Revised)

Our Valued Staff

  • The Late Arthur Eugene Grier Jr.

    The Late Arthur Eugene Grier Jr.

    Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (Cincinnati, OH) A.S.
    Florida A & M University (Tallahassee, FL)
    Second Ward High School, (Charlotte, NC)

  • Arthur E. Grier III

    Arthur E. Grier III

    Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service (Atlanta, GA) A.S.
    West Charlotte High School (Charlotte, NC)
    100 Black Men of Charlotte, Inc. (Member)

  • Allen E. Grier

    Allen E. Grier

    North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC) BA Business Management
    West Charlotte High School (Charlotte, NC)